Not all life hacks are created equal. Some solve problems you didn’t even know you had while others are just clever new ways to store, organize, and decorate. Then there is this kind of life hacks: They’re useful, but also utterly adorable.

Below are seven insanely talented hacks that will improve your quality of life with petite effort. Check them out and get inspired!

1. Use paper towel if you ran out of Swiffer cloths.

Double up a paper towel and use. It works well if the paper quality is good.

2. Air out sponges.

This will allow air to circulate, binder clips work really well to keep your sponge upright.

3. Mum with extra mind!

You must be through that point when you want to put two bowls together but your microwave won’t allow your this. So you need mum like this geek. She is just amazing!

4. Hide your booze!

Conceal your drink, mix three drops of blue and one drop of green food coloring into your favourite vodka and pour into an empty Listerine bottle.

5. If there’s a gap in between means someone is watching you.

So next time make sure you do this test.

6. Out of candles, use crayon!

When it’s scary night, and you are out of candles, you can just use crayons that will give you maximum 30 minutes of light.

7. Get rid of fumble cables.

All you have to do is to use paper clips to organize your cables.

Source: Wityyfeed
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