When thinking of modern villas, people have different images in their heads. Take a look how SAOTA and their partner company see modern villa.

When two architecture offices join together on a project, you know something good is about to come out. South Africa-based architecture office SAOTA and interior design studio ARRCC worked together on this modern villa located in famous Ibiza, Spain. SAOTA is well known office with the projects like an amazing Clifton 2A house and this modern mansion in their incredible portfolio. ARRCC, formerly known as the “Antoni Associates” creates interiors for SAOTA’s architecture.
Modern villa design for breathtaking location

Roca Llisa is modern villa which makes locations like Ibiza even more incredible than they already are. Mediterranean surroundings with palm trees, and never ending sunny days seems to be just perfect atmosphere for modern stone facade and white concrete architecture. Not to mention breathtaking ocean views, even though ocean views are nothing new when it comes to SAOTA and their amazing modern homes. Just take a look at De Wet 34 house or beautiful Nettleton 198. Terrace in modern villa Roca Llisa offers infinity pool with water almost bluer than Mediterranean Sea. Special atmosphere is created at night when lights lit up something that looks like modern Garden of Eden.


This amazing openness towards the sea is also featured through the interior design. Beautiful living room offers large contemporary furniture, perfect for lazy afternoons. OKHA, another company that works close with SAOTA, was in charge to make owner’s lives relaxed and stress free while they’re in their beautiful villa. Just as a terrace, living room has special atmosphere at night, when it becomes real party place. Other rooms in this modern villa are designed in the same pattern, featuring elegance, modern design and fresh, comfortable atmosphere.

Take a look at the villa and let me know what you think! If you like villa Roca, you might also like this luxury dream home located in French Riviera. Check it out!
All photos © Lorenzo Vecchia
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