Probably you have heard about the famous cruise ship Costa Concordia. Really amazing ship with a lot of luxury and uniqueness into. The capacity: this ship housed over 4,000 passengers at a time. With 1,500 cabins, a casino, and a multi-level theater, tit was basically a mobile ocean city.
Sadly, on January 13th, 2012, the Costa Concordia sunk when it struck a rock formation as it departed from a town in Italy. The ship has since been pulled from the water and the effects of the crash are now more apparent than ever.
The german photographer Jonathan Danko Kielkowski had a unique chance and for the first time since the disaster he boarded the ship and captured really haunting images. Take a look the collection below.

A photo of the Costa Concordia sinking after striking a rock formation underwater.

The ship has since been unearthed and German photographer Jonathan Danko Kielkowski found a chance to swim onto the ship to take some pictures of the inside.

He found that people’s belongings were still scattered around the hallways and rooms

This theater used to be magnificent at one point. Now it is in ruins.

The casino was severely damaged

There are hundreds of these abandoned rooms on the Concordia

This amazing staircase still stands and hints of the emerald-colored finish continue to shine through the damage

Part of the gigantic elevator

The control panel

The old emerald elevator here. Still quite majestic!

Hallways where passengers and workers used to walk seem really eerie now.

From another angle.

This elevator entrance looks like new.


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