If you are in the middle of setting up your new home than probably you need to set up your furniture. If you still problems with the arranging your furniture that you will love these clever tips that we have collected for you

There are only a few easy steps that you should follow and you will not have any problems. Starting with measuring – If you want to plan your furniture arrangement and not need to constantly move heavy furniture until you find something you like so you need to take measurements of everything first so that you can plan your space theoretically, also it will be useful if you use planning software too. Check the other tips below and enjoy in your new perfectly arranged furniture.

Part 1 of 6: Planning Your Space
1.Measure everything
2.Draw the room and pieces.

3.Use room planning software
Part 2 of 6: Setting Your Focal Point
1.Decide your focal point

2.Scale it properly
3.Move your focal point.

4.Draw attention to the point.
 Part 3 of 6: Positioning Seating
1.Scale your seating.
2.Create an open arrangement.
3.Use angles strategically
4.Distance the furniture appropriately
Part 4 of 6: Positioning Surfaces
1.Create nearby surfaces.
2.Pay attention to levels.
3.Get the right size
4.Consider your lighting
Part 5 of 6: Creating Room for Movement
1.Leave a pathway between entrances
2.Avoid blockading paths
3.Make sure all furniture and outlets are easily accessible
4.Separate spaces.
Part 6 of 6: Placing Accessories
1.Use paintings strategically
2.Use mirrors strategically

3.Size rugs carefully

4.Use high curtains
5.Use size dependent items strategically.

6.Use symmetry.

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