Abby and Britany Hensel are America’s – and probably the world’s – most famous conjoined twins. Sometimes called ‘Siamese twins’, this rare occurrence sees two twins joined as effectively one. Many conjoined twins don’t survive pregnancy, labor or early childhood, but Abby and Britney Hensel? They’re fighting fit… And famous! All thanks to TLC’s Abby & Britney.

Let’s explore their unique world and delve into fifteen of the most incredible facts about the two girls, shall we? They make for a truly fascinating pair!

1, The girls have separate heads, of course. But a shared body. That doesn’t mean they share organs, though. They have their own heart, lungs, stomach and spinal cords.

2, They each have control over their own side of their body. Yet still work in tandem and harmony when needed. They each control an arm and a leg.

3, That harmony was hard to attain, though. The girls’ lives are easier now they’re older, but as children? They found movement and working together a real challenge.

4, Weirdly enough, Abby and Britney have individual walking styles.

5, The twins’ parents were given the option by doctors at birth of attempting to separate them. But the risk that one or both might die was to high and they opted against it.

6, The TLC show started after a one-off documentary went to a full series when the ladies hit 16.

7, They can do all sorts: type, run, walk, ride bikes and even drive. TEAMWORK!

8, To get their driving tests passed, they had to take a written and actual test each.

9, They often wear altered versions of clothes, to reflect their different personalities.

10, They each have very different skill sets: Abby is a whizz at math, Brittany is a good writer.

11, Graduating in 2012 from Bethel University, they both majored in Education.

12, Both girls want to some day marry and have kids.

13, They’ve said before that they actually love their lives, but the only thing that depresses them is staring and people taking pictures without asking first.

14, The girls appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show when they were just six!

15, Luckily the girls share a fair few hobbies including bowling and volleyball!
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