Any car is expensive enough. It's an investment of time and money. Of course, after spending so much time with your car, you get to know its various ins and outs and just what grinds its gears. A lot of the time, it's those little things that you don't even notice or even know of that can save you a lot of headache down the road.

Today we are going to go through 20 things that you may not have known about your car, and those little do-it-yourself life hacks that will just make your life easier.
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1. Which side was my gas tank on again?

Depending on your situation, you may not know which side of the vehicle your gas tank is on. If this happens to you, just take a look at the dash and the side that the symbol of the gas tank is on. Either right or left (on the dash) is also the side of the vehicle where the gas tank is.

2. Extra storage

Tired of using those old coat hooks which just break or simply do not work for you the majority of the time? Well, this is a simple hack that you can do which will alleviate the need. Basically, just use some bungee cords and a small net and you are set for that little bit of extra storage.

3. De-ice the lock with hand sanitizer

Did you know that hand sanitizer can melt ice and snow? Next time you are in a jam and your car locks are frozen over, use a little bit of the sanitizer over the lock and you'll be driving again. Its high alcohol content helps break down more than just bacteria, it also breaks down ice and snow pretty darn well.

4. Fix any cracks in your windshield with nail polish

If you have a crack on your windshield, the best way to prevent any additional cracks is to use a little bit of nail polish. This helps prevent further cracking and damage down the road.

5. Build your own touchscreen music player for your car

If you have any kind of an affinity for technology, then this is something worth remembering and knowing how to do. Just remember that the combination of a Raspberry Pi chip board and a Tontec seven-inch HD screen will create a pretty unique user interface experience that can bring your car to life! Of course, you will need to do a little bit of hunting online for the parts, but the assembly and even the installation of this interactive interface is fairly simple in principle. Definitely a project for the more intensively obsessed.

6. The backseat iPad holder

Tablets are used for everything from checking one's email and browsing the Internet to a host of other uses including movie watching. Of course, if you ever wanted to keep your young ones entertained for a long period of time during a very long car ride, then this may be the perfect project to work on. The holder itself is actually made from almost any piece of cloth, a piece of cardboard, a long piece of elastic and many pins.

7. Hold your iPhone with an elastic band

Picture yourself fumbling with your iPhone in the car as you are trying to drive and pay attention to the road at the same time. This isn't doing two things at once, this is doing three things at once! At this point you need to put down the iPhone unless you want to get into an accident. However, with this little life cheat you can keep your phone close by to check the map or listen to your music. As always, safety comes first. Keep your eyes on the road and keep your hands on the wheel, but let the elastic band hold the iPhone for you.

8. Use a staple remover to remove or add keys to a key ring
It's extremely frustrating every time that you need to remove or add a key onto an existing key ring. Well, a simple staple remover can save you the effort and headache of fumbling with your keys. Who knew that this tool had more than one use?

9. Use a tennis ball on a string to park in a garage tight for space
If you are anything like me then your garage is not only the place where you keep your car. It is also the place where the lawn mower, the garbage bin, gardening tools and anything else that you use outside on a regular basis lives. Thus space becomes precious real estate and it becomes a tighter fit, especially for your car. Well, if you need to remember just where to park without scraping or damaging any of your things, this is a great life tip.

10. Use a plunger, yes a plunger, to remove small dents from your car

Now that is thinking with your feet, er ... head!
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