Any car is expensive enough. It's an investment of time and money. Of course, after spending so much time with your car, you get to know its various ins and outs and just what grinds its gears. A lot of the time, it's those little things that you don't even notice or even know of that can save you a lot of headache down the road.

Today we are going to go through 20 things that you may not have known about your car, and those little do-it-yourself life hacks that will just make your life easier.

11. Clean your headlights with toothpaste

If you cannot afford the cleaning kit at the store, you can clean your headlights with toothpaste to get just as good a job done. If it cleans your teeth, it should be able to clean your car too.

12. Pool noodle garage extension
It probably annoys you every time you open your car door and you end up denting the side of the door or even the garage wall. Well this creative use of an old pool noodle is a fantastic way to absorb the blow and to protect both your garage wall and your car door.

13. Adding a back-up camera to the back of your car
If your car did not come with a back-up camera already installed, there are plenty of options that you can use to add your own back-up camera to see where you are going.

14. Give your car a shine and protection from the rain with hair conditioner
If you don't have any wax to use to give your car a lustrous shine, you can substitute for a simple conditioner. You will be surprised and impressed with the results from using an everyday item for your car.

15. Use mayonnaise to remove bumper stickers
This one surprised me, but in a strange way I guess it makes sense. Spread just a little bit of mayonnaise on the sticker, let it stand for about five minutes or so and then just simply remove and you won't have a lot of glue left behind. This is a strange one, but strangely enough it works.

16. Use a screwdriver and a cloth to clean those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies
It makes sense that if you cannot get into a very small space, you should use the right tool. Something fine like a screw driver can work, and placing a cloth underneath the tip will provide the cleaning surface that you are looking for to clean up those little spaces that are normally difficult to reach.

17.Use an old cereal container as a small trash can
More than once, no matter what you end up doing in your vehicle, you will have something you will want to dispose of but have nowhere to throw it out. By using an old cereal container, you have a place for your garbage rather than the floor of your car.

18. If you want to lock your car with your automatic locker and you are out of range, place the locking device against your head to amplify the range 

19. Make your own air freshener with tea infusers
When you really think about it, just what is a tea infuser doing? You place some herbs in there to spread the aroma and taste into a drink. If that is the case, then isn't the same true for the air inside of your car?

20. Don't have a cup holder handy? Use a shoe!

Now that is thinking with your feet, er ... head! 

Main image via YouTube / MattHumanPizza
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