you'll discover that this is a powerful follow up. After showing that a pencil sticks to your hand as you grasp your wrist, you suddenly let go of your "grabbing" hand and the pencil mysteriously stays in place.

Preparation: Put on the wristwatch and then insert the end of one pencil under the watch band on the palm side of your hand. The pencil should extend to about the middle of your hand.

To perform the trick, instead of placing your finger underneath the pencil to hold it as you did in the easier version, you'll be slipping the end of the first pencil underneath the second pencil to support it. The first pencil that's under the watch is what keeps the first pencil in place underneath your hand.

With the new setup, perform the "Magnetic Pencil" according to the trick instructions.

Rest the second pencil on a table. Grab your wrist with one hand. Your other hand reaches from underneath to grasp your wrist.

Bring down your hand, palm down, to rest on top of the pencil. As you bring your hand down, extend the tip of first pencil that’s connected to your wrist watch under the second pencil that's resting on the table.

Suddenly let go of your grabbing hand and the second pencil stays in place.

Bring your hand down onto the table and as you come down, slip the pencil out from under the other pencil to release it. Take your hand away as you display the pencil on the table.

While I would normally never encourage any of you to expose the secret to a magic trick, this "follow-up" effect offers the opportunity to expose one effect, the magnetic pencil (referenced earlier in these instructions), and then create a second, more powerful effect that defies explanation.

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