After consuming the lives of nearly 1,000 individuals in the past year, there have been many controversies enveloping the Bermuda Triangle. As it turns out, the mystery behind all the deaths might finally be solved.

Scientists have been studying the weather and cloud patterns that engulf the Bermuda Triangle and they have rather shocking news on it.
They have been studying the ‘killer clouds’.

The weather pattern and the so-called ‘killer clouds’ could be the culprits of drowning many ships and planes that cross the area.
The deadly winds travel at the speed of 170mph.

A hexagonal cloud envelope is around the area that creates terrifying winds. These brutal blasts of air are capable of flipping massive planes and ships as well.
The radius of the clouds is estimated to be 20 to 55 miles.

They appear from the Western side of the Bermuda Triangle and they can be terrifying to anyone.

A radar satellite caught this image of the clouds.
It was said that most clouds don’t have a typical edge and they can often be varied in distribution. That also means that their stretch at a particular time can’t be determined for sure.
These winds are also called as ‘air bombs’.

They can rise 45ft up in the air. And can crash down many large planes. It was noted that a normal wind created by these clouds can reach the wind speed that was seen during Hurricane Katrina.
Over the years, many theories have been stated for the Bermuda Triangle.

Isn’t that scary?
There was a magnetic theory as well.
Here are some more theories involving the Bermuda Triangle.

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