When she was a little girl, Victoria Wright’s mother noticed her teeth were growing strangely out of place. Soon after, Victoria was diagnosed with cherubism at the age of four, a rare facial disfigurement caused by an overgrowth of fibrous tissue in the face.

Instead of having the normal amount of bone in her face, Victoria has extra tissue. This condition is mostly cosmetic but causes eye strain, headaches and jaw pain.

At first, doctors said Victoria’s jaw would stop growing. But the older she grew, the more visible her condition became — which made her adolescence even more difficult to navigate. But she’s a kind, confident and happy woman, and Victoria has learned to deal with the constant stares in the most incredible way.

“I’ve learned the best thing for me to do, if I notice somebody staring at me, is to look at them and smile at them,” Victoria says. “Just because somebody is looking at me doesn’t necessarily mean they’re looking at me in a bad way.”

Today, Victoria works as a disability and face equality campaigner and writer.

She lives with her husband and their daughter, and documents their life on her blog, “Not Just A Funny Face.”

After meeting her in the video below, courtesy of NHS, it’s easy to see why Victoria continues to be flooded with messages of support.

Victoria is just another great example of why we should be more accepting of our differences. If you agree, please SHARE her story with your friends on Facebook!

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