If Your Clothes Smell Like Mildew, Don’t Get A New Washing Machine! Try THIS Trick Instead!
When you get your clothes out of the washing machine, you expect them to smell clean and fresh, right? The very last thing you want is for them to smell icky like mildew. Well, if your clothes come out stinking badly time and time again, I have some rather disturbing news for you. If you happen to have a front-load washing machine, you might find that there is something kind of horrible LIVING inside it.

According to recent research, these types of machines are actually the perfect breeding ground for MOLD. It might sound horrible (because it is!), but there are a few simple things that you can do about it.

The problem has actually been happening so much recently, that there has been a lawsuit launched about it. That means that you are by no means alone when it comes to suffering with this irritating and gross issue.

To find out whether your washing machine is home to some nasty mold, you simply need to check the rubber rim of the dish. When you pull it back just a little, you can see whether there is anything growing inside of it. Mold looks dark, dingy and can be brown, red or even green in color. If you notice this issue, you need to take action as soon as possible.

Before you start, you will need some 16 ounces of white vinegar and some Clorox bleach. Warning: You should NEVER mix these two ingredients together because they can be toxic. Instead, you need to use them separately.
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