When people are stressed out, they do a lot of wrong stuff. Sometimes in life we face different incidents, that leaves us broken and we just want to either kill ourselves or wants to be different than what we are. In this article, you will be seeing some people who weren’t satisfied and happy after got crushed with different heartbreaking incidents. They really don’t want to be human anymore!

1. Pointed ears!

2. This is so creepy. A reptile looking arm?

3. Boob arm!! How did he even make this on his arm?

4. The human computer network now is in market.

5. I’m no human… Call me a lizard boy.

6. How painful this can be. Cool laces though!

7. Looks like movie “The Mummy” bugs got him.

8. You love it right? But hey; take a good look at it, the skin has been removed to make it beautiful!
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