On the border between some countries, there is a symbolic line passing through a sidewalk or small road signs instead of barbed wire and guards. Furthermore, there are even borders created by nature itself!
we collected 9 photographs that show how different people divide the territories between their countries.

France and Germany

© (с)valeriovincenzo 
There’s a magnificent forest on the border between these two countries.

Switzerland and Italy

© (с)valeriovincenzo 
A snow-white border.

Romania and Bulgaria

© (с)valeriovincenzo 
This border is delineated by Mother Nature.

The United States and Mexico

© PsB 
Locals play volleyball on the border between the United States (the left side) and Mexico (the right side).

Thailand, Laos and Myanmar

© flickr 
There’s a ’’gold triangle’’ between these countries.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic

© flickr 
This photo clearly shows two different approaches to protecting the environment.

Spain and Portugal

© travelandleisure 
This ropeway connects the two countries. I wouldn’t mind a ride!

Lithuania and Latvia

© (с)valeriovincenzo 
There is endless beauty between these two countries.

Belgium and The Netherlands

© wikimedia 
You can enter a cafe in the Netherlands and leave it in Belgium.
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