Russia’s not only the largest country in the world but also the most northerly. This is why on the map it looks absolutely huge, larger even than many continents.
But when Russia is moved to the equator, it becomes clear that it’s actually two to three times smaller.
 This is what China would look like if placed in a northern position, such as that of Canada:

Compared to the USA and Russia, India is actually nowhere near as small as it seems.

 If the Democratic Republic of Congo was in Europe, there would be practically no other countries left.
 All of the countries on the African continent look quite small. This is because they’re located at or close to the equator. But look at how the Republic of Congo covers almost half of the USA and a large part of Europe.
The largest countries in Africa at the latitude of Russia:
 Algeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Libya, and Chad are all relatively large countries, but normally it’s hard to appreciate this because of their geographical positions. But once they’re moved collectively across the globe, they’re actually nearly as large as Russia.
Let’s place the six largest countries along the equator. Now everything’s equal...

The Wagner VI projection

The Goode homolosine projection

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