We r Architects !!! We are a new-found youthful, ambitious, and experimental architectural practice with the holistic aim of redefining the realm of Architecture in Mauritius. 

Within a short lapse of time, we have carved our path to demarcate ourselves and become a trendsetter in the field by adopting a rather different thought process and way of doing things.

We have the particularity to harmonize aesthetic with practicality, to promote originality through simplicity, and to bridge imagination with reality. Our design often depicts a bold, curvaceous and intricating approach that shine in its immediate surroundings. We believe in seeing things differently and explore off the track avenues when it comes to design.

With every project we undertake we ensure it is process-driven. The objective is to give the best to the Client, while respecting the challenging site context, the Client’s stringent requirement, and the often-tight budget. We guide our Clients in the best possible way to efficiently communicate their raw ideas in a systematic manner so that we can extract the maximum information to translate their dream into a tangible reality.


We have pushed the boundaries when it comes to construction techniques by trying new construction methods with new designing tools. Our calculated experiment has so far proved to be fruitful and has set the path for new trends.

We r Architects has been conceived by Wassim Ruhomaully, a young and dynamic professional Architect. The Architect is registered with the Professional Architect Council ( PAC ) since 2018 and the firm is registered with the CIBD as a Consultant.